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Taking the family go-kart racing is serious fun. It is also an amazing way to establish who the speed demon is amongst your friends as well. More and more these days serious indoor kart racing tracks are popping up across the United States and the world. Gone are the days of the 3mph go-kart clunking along at grandma speed. Now we can experience top speeds of close to 50mph indoors and even as high as 70mph on outdoor tracks!

If you want to experience the unbelievable power of shifter kart engines then make sure to ask your local track about renting one of these ultimate karts. Typically you will need to gain experience in a lower powered machine before the track officials will allow you to try a 125cc shifter kart.

Many of today’s modern indoor and outdoor tracks will cater events for groups and individuals and organize racing series. Bang for the buck there is no better or more exciting team building experience to be had. Relaxing indoors in the air conditioning then throwing on the helmet and setting pole position is a modern luxury. But enough of that let’s get to the fun part, the racing.

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With varying pavement surfaces and tires, there is no shortage of skill required to get the most out of a racing kart. You will find tracks that range from very slippery to downright grippy like a roller coaster. Some facilities like to pour Coca-Cola on the racetrack surface to create insane grip. A talented racer will slide the kart around on the warm up lap to get heat in her tires so she can vanish into the sunset on lap one. Some racers also use live streaming solutions to show there on track events.

When it comes to horsepower, there have been staggering improvements in the acceleration of today’s karts. Typically facilities now offer from 6.5hp up to 13hp. That may not sound like a lot but when the go kart weighs 200 pounds, and a street car weighs 4000 pounds you will feel like you are flying. Beware though that the little kids will always be super fast on the straightaways! Without the extra weight, they can fly. It’s not exactly a 45 horsepower shifter kart but actually very few new racers can handle one of those beasts. In that case you may want to buy your own 125cc 2-stroke shifter kart, one of the best places to get one is through Go Karts Rock. You can check them out by following this link – shifter karts for sale. The secret to driving a gearbox go karts is to be super smooth with the throttle, steering and brakes. If you don’t you will find yourself in a spin in a heartbeat because the tires cannot take all the power that a shifter has to offer.

When it comes to being fast, the first thing a driver has to do is use all of the track. This technique is called maximizing the radius of the curve. From a physics standpoint, it will allow you to carry the highest rate of speed without sliding. That means you will beat everyone else that is pinching the corners off and driving down the middle of the track. Another benefit is that your tires will slide less, and when a tire slides it slows the kart down a lot.

The last secret we will give you is the ultimate way to win. Sit up in your seat down the straightaways! When you lean back on the seat, it puts a lot of weight on the big rear tires. This pressure tends to slow the acceleration of the go-kart down. If you are mega skilled, you can shift your body weight around as you drive. This trick will allow you to force the kart to handle how you want it to!

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